Previous meeting 12-11-2013

Ab-initio pulsar magnetosphere: three-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations of axisymmetric pulsars
Authors:Philippov, Alexander; Spitkovsky, Anatoly

Young rotation-powered pulsars as ultra-luminous X-ray sources
Authors: Aleksei S. Medvedev, Juri Poutanen

Previous meeting 12-11-2013

The energy production rate density of cosmic rays in the local universe ....
Authors: Boaz Katz, Eli Waxman, Todd Thompson, Abraham Loeb

From cosmic ray source to the Galactic pool
Authors: K.M. Schure, A.R. Bell

Anomalous Anisotropies of Cosmic Rays from Turbulent Magnetic Fields
Authors: Markus Ahlers

Previous meeting 05-11-2013

Fermi Pulsars and the Cosmic Ray Knee
Author: Gruzinov A.

Previous meeting 29-10-2013

The role of pair dispersion in turbulent flows
Authors: Bourgoin M. et al

Previous meeting 12-06-2013

Simulations of Collisionless Perpendicular Shocks in Partially Ionized Plasmas
Authors: Ohira Y.

Origin of Radially Aligned Magnetic Fields in Young Supernova Remnants
Authors: Tsuyoshi Inoue, et al

Previous meeting 30-05-2013

Cosmic-ray propagation in molecular clouds
Authors:Marco Padovani, Daniele Galli

Magnetic diffusion effects on the Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray spectrum and composition
Authors: Silvia Mollerach, Esteban Roulet

Sub-PeV Neutrinos from TeV Unidentified Sources in the Galaxy
Authors: D. B. Fox, K. Kashiyama, P. Meszaros

Previous meeting 16-05-2013

Gamma-ray and X-ray Properties of Pulsar Wind Nebulae and Unidentified Galactic TeV Sources
Authors: Oleg Kargaltsev, Blagoy Rangelov, George G. Pavlov

Previous meeting 17-04-2013

Simulations of particle acceleration beyond the classical synchrotron burnoff limit in magnetic reconnection: An explanation of the Crab flares
Authors: Benoit Cerutti, Gregory R. Werner, Dmitri A. Uzdensky, Mitchell C. Begelman

Previous meeting 11-04-2013

The Role of Superluminal Electromagnetic Waves in Pulsar Wind Termination Shocks
Authors: Takanobu Amano, John G. Kirk

Solution to the sigma problem of pulsar wind nebulae
Authors:Oliver Porth, Serguei S. Komissarov, Rony Keppens

Previous meeting 27-03-2013

A CR-hydro-NEI Model of Multi-wavelength Emission from the Vela Jr. Supernova Remnant (SNR RX J0852.0-4622)
Authors: Lee, S.-H. et al

Previous meeting 13-03-2013

On the Radio Polarization Signature of Efficient and Inefficient Particle Acceleration in Supernova Remnant SN 1006
Authors:Estela M. Reynoso, John P. Hughes, David A. Moffett

Previous meeting 07-03-2013

An Integral View of Fast Shocks Around Supernova 1006
Authors: Nikolic et al.
Science February 14 2013

Previous meeting 20-02-2013

Cosmic Ray transport in turbulent magnetic field
Authors: Huirong Yan

Detection of the Characteristic Pion-Decay Signature in Supernova Remnants
Authors: M. Ackermann et al
Science 15 February 2013

Previous meeting 13-02-2013

The Maximum Energy of Accelerated Particles in Relativistic Collisionless Shocks
Authors: Lorenzo Sironi, Anatoly Spitkovsky, Jonathan Arons

Cosmic ray acceleration and escape from supernova remnants
Authors: AR Bell, KM Schure, B Reville, G Giacinti

Previous meeting 05-02-2013

Nonthermal emission properties of the northwestern rim of supernova remnant RX J0852-4622
Authors: Tetsuichi Kishishita, Junko Hiraga, Yasunobu Uchiyama

A Population of Massive, Luminous Galaxies Hosting Heavily Dust-Obscured Gamma-Ray Bursts: Implications for the Use of GRBs as Tracers of Cosmic Star Formation
Authors: Perley et al.

Previous meeting 23-01-2013

A statistical study of Galactic SNR source spectra detected at >GeV energies
Authors: Matthias Mandelartz, Julia Becker Tjus

Electron acceleration to relativistic energies at a strong quasi-parallel shock wave
Authors: A. Masters, L. Stawarz, et al.

Previous meeting 17-01-2013

Universal behaviour of shock precursors in the presence of efficient cosmic-ray acceleration
Authors: B. Reville, A. R. Bell

Hydrodynamic modelling of ejecta shrapnel in the Vela supernova remnant
Authors: M. Miceli, S. Orlando, F. Reale, F. Bocchino, G. Peres

Previous meeting 10-01-2013

Nonlinear Collisionless Perpendicular Diffusion of Charged Particles
Authors: Matthaeus, W. H.; Qin, G.; Bieber, J. W.; Zank, G. P.

Galactic Streams of Cosmic-ray Electrons and Positrons
Authors: Matthew D., Kistler, Hasan Yuksel, Alexander Friedland